Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pashmina Shawl Colour Crib Class of 2013! Greens!

Greens - you either love 'em or hate 'em! But over the last few seasons they've been featured in bold  block emeralds and dashes of elderflowers and limes, so it has been difficult to ignore them.

We've been promised soft pastels for spring 2014 and on the catwalks these have translated into powder pinks, misty lavender blues and pale pistachios and aqua greens (see below). The designers who haven't bought into this trend are using touches of green - often teamed with fuchsia pink or blue-based mauve - to give a touch of green to a multi print, or as a 'pop' colour on an accessory.

In the shops right now, greens  (in the post-sale season at least)  seem altogether stronger shades.
That yellowy green elderflower or kiwi shade - see below - highlights black and white combinations in Harvey Nicks main display in Knightsbridge. Block emerald greens line up with bright oranges and stark white in Joseph Westbourne Grove, for a fresh twist that looks forward to warmer weather. Hobbs Covent Garden are currently out on their own with an autumn colour palette of burnt oranges, camels, berry reds and moss greens (see below). This is a new display and maybe, cleverly, they aren't pushing their customers into spring colours before winter is through. I'll be interested to see what they offer for spring-proper.

Our green shawl stock of 2013 has colours for now, and later in the spring...

Greens: Kiwi 161, (Seagreen 393 un-labelled. Reference for colour only - Sold Out), Moss 173, Cambridge Aqua 91-L, Mid Aqua Green 101

Our final shawl colours are coming soon...

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