Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pashmina glamour for a fraction of the price

The last couple of months, as we've been setting up for our on-line luxury designs, I've been brutally going through our cupboards. It's brought to light some designs we'd forgotton and want to revisit, and some that have become classics that we no longer need style samples of. These are the hand embroidered and hand beaded pashminas that you usually only see in exclusive boutiques or high end retailers at huge prices. brings luxury pashmina designs into your living room at a competitive retail price. And for smart buyers who keep an eye on the Pashminas Direct Special Offer page, there's the added bonus of picking up a sample of these designs at a third of the price.
Shawls that were languishing on our shelves have been finding homes and are being allowed to be fabulous!

So if you can live with the idea that the shawl you buy has been modelled or has been a photography sample and has picked up a tiny mark on its travels, you can have the glamour of a £300 shawl for the fraction of the price. And who can see a tiny mark or an uneven weave when the shawl is being worn?