Friday, 12 February 2010

Especially For You - Pink & Ruby Pashminas continued

More for Catrina....

As you were looking at the reversible scarf - here are two in a larger size. Both are shawls (70 x 180cms)

This traditional style reversible will soon be on-line but isn't yet! It has a matt side (Burnt Orange) and a side with a sheen (Ruby) . This is the way that the cashmere & silk are woven. The price is £39.95. The colour differences are quite subtle.

If you fancy a bigger contrast, our sister company Mayfair Valley, has an upgraded version of the reversible. This is the same style as the scarves you were looking at. It's double woven to produce a sheen on both sides of the pashmina. This means it uses twice the cashmere and so comes in at £69.95. This is still a lot less than the retail price which would be at least double. The shawl is Black with a ruby reverse and might be perfect to give a hint of drama to your black dress without being over the top.
Other options.... On our clearance page there is a herringbone shawl at £20.00. There is one bordeaux shawl left. The herringbone weave gives a glimmer that livens up the shawl.
Or... We can have a Plain Stole (the small shawl size 45 x 180cms) made into a Swarovski Starlight for you. We currently have these colours in stock : Fuchsia Pink, Candy Pink, Shocking Pink and Ruby Red. If you decide to have this made into Starlight stole it will take two-three days. The price for a one-off in this size is £49.50
You can see this style in pinks in the small scarf size on our Home Page.
I hope that this helps!

Especially for you - Ruby and Pink Pashminas

For Catrina

A Pashmina & Silk Shawl (70 x 180 cms) with a scallop border edged in silk and a silk bow in each corner. This is a special clearance price of £59.95. We have one Ruby Red left. The silk border gives a shimmer and so this one is the most suitable for evening wear .

100% Shaded Shawl - this is currently in our special offers section - but here's a picture of Strawberry to paler (£39.95)