Friday, 7 February 2014

Pashmina Dye Chart

This is the dye chart that we order from. The  numbers after the colour names from my January and February blogs - Pashmina shawls Colour Crib Class of 2013 - can be found here eg Plum 245 Click on the pictures to get a close up view!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pashmina Shawl Colour Crib Class of 2013! Beige, Brown, Grape and Plum!

This is our final selection of shawl colours from 2013, although if I were to venture into the Large Shawls I'd find plenty more....

First the browns and beiges. These aren't fashion colours, but have a timeless appeal (particularly when layered together in an outfit) and we try to have a couple of sand/beige or camel colour choices  in stock at any one time.   Bitter Chocolate has always been one of our Classic shades and it's a useful colour to give richness to a  beige-based outfit or as an alternative if you want a darker shade but know that black is too draining on your complexion.  It can also look amazing against pistachio green, if you want to tone down this year's pastels.

Plum and Grape were our shawl purples at the end of 2013 - Plum going for the pink end of the spectrum and Grape for the smoky blue. (Royal Purple and Violet appeared in the largest size). Both of these shades slot well into this winter period, when the days getting lighter. They're less rich and opulent than royal purple- which can be a bit 'Christmassy' and seem more suitable daytime shades. Grape 332 falls into the tones of purple that are coming through on the catwalks for spring 14.

As ever, the numbers following the colour names refer to the dye chart that we use to order the shawls. I will re-blog the dye chart so it's current in the list of blogs and you can see how they relate in full size shawl form!

Blonde 109-LL, Camel 109, Bitter Chocolate 232, Black, Plum 245, Grape 332