Friday, 17 January 2014

Pashmina Shawl Colour Crib Class of 2013! Oranges and Reds!

As we bound forward in 2014 and our Home Page changes to a Valentine theme, I feel it's useful to immortalise the 'mug shots' that I did for the Class of 2013.

I basically took a photo of each colour available in the Pashmina and Silk Shawl (70 x 180cms) size, for a special Christmas offer.   In tandem with the dye charts that appear on this blog (and will appear again, to bring them up the blog list), this gives a good look at how the colours from the dye chart look in the finished shawl. And applies to many other scarves, stoles and shawls too.

As the dye charts are primarily produced as guides to embroidery silk, the colours naturally change slightly when cashmere comes into the equation.  This is even more apparent on pure cashmere. Colours that zing out on silk thread are far more muted when absorbed by cashmere.

Add to this the fact that our shawls are hand-dyed and the colours are mixed by eye by the dye-masters, each batch of dyeing is then unique to that moment.  Occasionally we order a standard colour and when we receive it we realise that we have to order again - the dye master has gone too dark or too pale to hit that classic shade. The benefit to the pashmina lover is that a new shade is then available and the choice of colours grows.....

Here are the Oranges:  Burnt Orange 403,  Bright Orange 62D (Unlabelled), Terracotta 402, Pale Coral 291

and the reds... Chilli 131,  Ruby 242, Bright Red 25 (Unlabelled) and Blush Red 130.

More colours to follow next week...

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