Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Jacquards gems - unearth a little pashmina treasure!

Jacquard weave shawls can  be an unappreciated bunch, but if you want a flattering pashmina that combines classic good looks with a bit of pizzazz, then look no further.
After all, this technique created a textile revolution when it was introduced in the early 1800s and we know that the Georgians had an eye for style!

Special looms are required for the jacquard weave and setting up each weaving pattern can be a time consuming process for complicated bespoke weaves. This is a shawl that requires some effort! The threads pass through a pattern card above the loom, and the holes that they pass through determines their position on the finished design.
This can give different effects - for example the increased texture as well as the visual impact of the chevron striped herringbone jacquard. You can see the silk threads catching the light on their chevron - the cashmere chevrons alternate with them. This weave is also available in the 45 x 180cms size in Rainbow Stripe PD056 and on the Men's page PD056M in various colourways

One of the most femine and traditional patterns is the flower jacquard, seen here in a lightweight summer weave. The flowers are subtly picked out in silk on one side and in cashmere on the reverse - the pattern just shows as a whisper as the shawl moves. Only one of each colour is currently available

Our lovely Heraldry weave is a big bold sweeping fleur de lys that runs the length of the shawl. Here you can see the detail of the design which is hinted at when it is worn. The flashes of light and shade in such a large jacquard break up the block colour of the shawl and give a luxurious effect. This Navy Blue is new to our stock and it suits this jacquard weave perfectly. It is  a dark and true navy that is darker than it appears on this picture which I have highlighted so that the weave is obvious.   This shawl is also available in Terracotta, Brick Red and Chestnut Brown under code PD100 and with a short fringe in Pale Lilac or Pewter Grey PD100SF.