Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pink (2) - Pashmina colour swatch

And then there's Plum. Some come with a purple tone but this particular one is pink based and so appears as Pink - Plum in the drop down list. Plum 47D

Monday, 18 April 2011

Pink (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Pink is one of the perenially popular pashmina colours and there is a shade for every mood. Our classic shades cover the pink spectrum: Fuchsia, Raspberry, Candy and Pale Pink. But then there are the in-between shades...

Rose Pink sits between Pale and Candy. It is a pink with blue tones but without the brashness of candy.

Coral has more orange tones. Both reflect a warm glow onto the face and are more forgiving than either the pale pink shades, which can be draining, or the candy and fuchsia shades that can be too bold.

Left to right: Coral Pink 293 and Rose Pink 215

Note: These photos are only a guide. We have a no quibble returns policy if the colour isn't right when you get it home.

White (3) - Pashmina colour swatch

Finally Paper White. This is the brightest white that we can achieve and for some bridalwear this will be the right shade. All our shawls are hand dyed and so some Ivory 55LL will be closer to this Paper White shade than others. As a general rule Ivory has a softer tone than the Paper White. As an experiment I photographed the above Paper White and Ivory alongside each other so that a comparison came out in the lens. Left to right : Paper White and Ivory 55LL.

Please note all computer monitors vary.

White (2) - Pashmina colour swatch

Next up for the whites is Stone. This is a neutral pale shade with a grey tone.

Pictured - Stone.

White (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Shades of white are particularly problematic for pashminas, as bleaching damages the cashmere fibres. This is why creams and off whites are the most common pale shades. On the 'white' scale, Cream 55L has warmer yellowy tones, Stone has cool grey tones and Paper White is as close as we can get to a cold white. In our Classic range pictured on the hanging rail is Ivory 55LL. This is an off -white, a shade paler than cream it has a warm tone but has a less yellow cast.

Pictured Cream 55L.

The creams are very difficult to photograph as they all appear similar on screen. I hope that my description of the colours helps! Accordingly, the whites appear in separate blogs so that I can label them correctly.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Blue (2) : Pashmina swatch colours

And last but not least, another beautiful turquoise and a personal favourite of mine -teal. Left to Right: Dark Turquoise 72 and Teal 395

Blue (1) : Pashmina colour swatch

We seem to have quite a few blues that don't make the Classic colour range; but all of them are lovely! Here is a start... Above left to right: Baby Blue 348LL; Navy 54D and Below Left to right : Turquoise 71 and Mid Blue Jean 69. Please remember that these photos are a guide only - all monitors vary and all our scarves are hand dyed. Small colour variations do occur.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Red (2) - Pashmina colour swatch

Part 2 of our Red colour swatch.

Left to Right: Blush Red 130 and Ruby Red 242

Please remember these colours are a guide only - all monitors are different!

Red (1) : Pashmina colour swatch

Left - Right: Bordeaux 26 and Bright Red 25
If you have ever clicked on one of our products and seen a list of colours that aren't pictured on our 'hanging rail' colour range photo, this series of blogs is especially designed for you.

We select the shades of our pashminas from a chart of over two hundred colours. When we supply special bespoke orders we frequently order one or two extras pieces to use up the batch of dye. These 'spares' then appear on the website. I have often photographed and emailed specific colours to customers before they have placed an order. Now I've compiled all these photos and am running a series of blogs to act as a swatch of the more unusual colours. I hope that it will be useful and usable!

Please remember that all monitors give a different colour and the photos should be viewed as a guide and not gospel.