Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A totally hot summer pashmina

We've just received a shipment from Nepal, and as ever, once we've sorted and sent out the orders to our various clients, the best bit by far is checking out the new items.
We took a punt this season on a crazy colour combination in a lightweight pashmina shawl which shades through this season's key colours.
From Fuchsia to Jade to Purple, this shawl sounds quite scary but works like a dream. And it should look stunning with a LBD. Wow! I'm adding it to my wish list.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Or put it on the reverse way round for a different look ...simple.

How to wear a pashmina scarf square

Combining raspberry and a Pashmina square

Check out the profile pic for a raspberry coloured 100% pashmina square!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

How to wear a pashmina square (or any other square scarf)

New for Autumn/ Winter 2009 2010 will be the square scarf. Of course, we in Pashmina Land think purely in pashmina cashmere terms and don't hold with all these man made equivalents. And we've got a couple of gorgeous 100% pash. square treats coming up on PashminasDirect....
Still the same principles apply to wearing the beast (whatever its content).

So how do you wear it?

Here we must bow down to the Italians in their passion for accessories and all things pashmina. The large square scarf - and I mean about 1 metre squared, no little pathetic neckerchief - should be folded into a triangle with the centre point down your chest like a cowboy. The two side points of the triangle are then crossed behind the neck and brought forward so that they drape down over your shoulder blades. Simple and elegant, or rock-chick chic, whatever is your flavour.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Giving a raspberry

As ever we are plagued by that age old question, what colour is raspberry ?
In fashion terms people think of it as cerise, bright pink, fuchsia... or berry red. But when you offer all those colours already and someone goes and orders a RASPBERRY, where do you go?

Default mode, in these circumstances is panic and then grab the Pantone book and guess.
A raspberry russian roulette -pink or red. Life's too short.
Tomorrow we will be having kittens about pistachio. That's Pashmina Land for you. http://www.pashminasdirect.co.uk