Monday, 24 October 2011

Shaded Pashminas for AW11/12

Shading can be an effective way to match a shawl in with your outfit. These shawls all shade from one end to the other - the pashmina is dipped by hand into the dye and then gradually drawn out. The end removed first is the paler version of the colour, and the end that is left the longest gets the more intense shade. This can be applied to the whole shawl for the self-shaded colours such as Turquoise to paler, or to part of the shawl (Black to White). The colours available are Café au Lait to paler, Black to White, Pewter grey to Silver Birch and Turquoise to paler.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pink (3) - Pashmina colour Rosewood Pink 179

A Limited Edition Pink in the shawl size for AW11, Rosewood is a flattering dusky shade that works well with all the autumn colours.

Yellow (6) - Pashmina colour Mustard Yellow 189

A lovely vibrant Mustard Yellow colour in our Limited Edition shawls for AW11

Orange (7) - Pashmina colour Terracotta 402

Another new orange in a Limited Edition shawl is Terracotta 402.

A dark and intense shade that is perfect for brunettes.

Green (6) - Pashmina colour Moss 174

A Limited Edition shawl for this season, Moss Green 174 is a shade darker than Forest green which is also available in the shawl size of 70 x 180 cms.

Orange (6) - Pashmina colour Kalahari 212

Limited edition in the pashmina shawl size for this season is Kalahari Orange 212. An earthy orange.

Orange (5) - Pashmina colours Tangerine 83

Another new orange colour to the website, in this season of fall colours. Tangerine orange appears on the Men's page item PD003M

Brown (2) Pashmina colour Taupe 405

Taupe is another popular neutral shade and is another that appears as a super large scarf with a cut fringe (Men's page).

Blue (5) - Pashmina colour Dark Blue Jean 70

Another new arrival to be found on our Men's page (item PD003M) in a super large scarf with a cut fringe is Dark Blue Jean 70. Another classic shade for men.

Green (5) - Pashmina colour Grass Green

New to our Men's page in AW11 is a super large pashmina & silk scarf in Grass Green 152.