Friday, 25 September 2009

Especially for you - Continued with turquoise pashminas...

Also for Pat, our turquoise shawls.

We have a shaded lightweight with swarovski in Turquoise to pale and plain Green - Spearmint (this is paler than it sounds but not so washed out as the photo makes it seem!)

There's a Bargain box Beauty - slight flaw - Scallop Garland hand embroidery and embroidered with real pearls (seriously reduced -give me a call if you're interested!!!) This is also a lightweight Pashmina and Silk Shawl.
And finally our regular weight Pashmina and Silk Shawl with Beaded fringe

I hope that this gives you some ideas!

Especially for You - Pashminas in Purple

This is for Pat! I've bombed out so far on Lime - we have a perfectly plain one and a chiffon with lace on the website (100% Silk page) But nothing with sparkle!

This is what I've come up with so far... The Lightweight shaded pashmina in the shawl size (note to our other customers: this isn't on the site, but is a large version of the summer scarf. Telephone orders only!). Amethyst to Pale Pink looks like this - SHORT FRINGE!!!!

The other colourway I mentioned was the Fuchsia to Peacock to Purple which looks like this

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bargain Box Beauties 3 - a raspberry ripple!

Possibly our final Summer Bargain Box Beauty is a lightweight Pashmina & Silk Large shawl in shaded raspberry.

This is a large size (90 x 200cms) but as it's a finer weave for the summer months, it scrunches down to a generous scarf size for the winter. And if we get that Indian Summer we're always promised, it's a generous shawl. A true bargain at £20.00 - email if you'd like to grab this one! and quote RASPBERRY BLOG.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Fuchsia - Pink and Purple pashmina

When we choose a colour combination for a shawl we know we're on the right track when we see a flower with that same shading. After all, Mother Nature can't be wrong! The flower is courtesy of Val- the king of our communal courtyard garden - and the lightweight pashmina & silk shaded scarf is PD014SUH Fuchsia-Peacock-Purple @ £24.50
Quite Interesting fact for any music lovers amongst you. The tree and squirrels in the courtyard garden feature in a song on Jason Mraz's splendid latest album. We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.