Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pashmina Shawl Colour Crib Class of 2013! Pinks and Blues!

Continuing the line-up of shawl colours that were in stock at the end of 2013, we have the perennially popular colours for pashminas - pinks and blues.

These are always a safe bet when buying a gift... you tend to know if someone is a blue or pink person, but not whether they are an orange or purple! And within these colour ranges we find that Pale Blue or Navy are at the top of the list as safe choices for blues; and Pale Pink still reigns supreme as the classic pink pashmina shade. While writing this blog, I actually had a call this morning from a regular customer needing a pale pink as a gift for a friend.

Despite this winter being heralded as 'all about mid-tone pinks,' we didn't find that pinks were any more popular than usual.  This could very well turn out to be the story of next winter - very often colours take a season or two to seep into the collective consciousness and become The Thing to wear. It could herald the return of Fuchsia to our shawl stock.... I do hope so!

Pinks: Rosewood 179, Candy 19, Pale 18LL, Rose 215, and also Palest Peach 79-L, Cream 55-LL

These colour numbers relate to the dye charts that can be found in earlier blogs and give an idea how the dye chart thread colours appear in a full size shawl version.

Blues: Sky 348-L, Pale 48-LL, Steel 63-L, Navy 54-D, Electric 222 (un-named) and also Pewter Grey 34

to be continued.....

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