Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Green Days! Pashmina Shawls for Green Goddesses Part Two!

Glamourous greens can come in all shades and part two of my look at all things green, concentrates on the fancier scarf and shawl choices.

First up a little scarf with a lot of sparkle. This Seagreen Pashmina & Silk Scarf is embellished with Swarovski and is an inexpensive way to perk up any coat for evening wear.

A shawl size (70 x 180cms) equivalent with crystal beading in a lightweight weave (70% Pashmina Cashmere & 30% Silk) that is perfect for occasion wear, is available in a lovely delicate pistachio.

In a higher price bracket and also in a lightweight weave is this stunning hand embroidered garland edge shawl from Mayfair Valley Pashmina. The design is made up of a loop of bugle beads, embellished with aqua pearls and with ropes of beads and pearls hanging from each garland. This is a real red carpet shawl! The size is 70 x 180cms and it is 70% Pashmina Cashmere & 30% Silk. Colour: Jade

Another stunning shawl in Teal from Mayfair Valley gives a deep lace fringe that is true drama. This has a regular weight to the pashmina weave and is also 70% Pashmina Cashmere & 30% Silk . The Teal shade is a blue/green mix. The size is 70 x 180cms.

For lovers of neutral shades, this loden green will move from day to evening wear. The embroidery is exquisite on the scallop edge and is bang on trend for autumn/winter. Size 70 x 180cms. Regular weight pashmina:  70% Pashmina Cashmere & 30% Silk

A style that is featured on Pashminas Direct and Mayfair Valley is the 100% Organza with 100% Pashmina Cashmere Reverse panel - Elegance. This is a classic occasion shawl at under £100.00. It drapes in a structured way due to the organza side, while the pure cashmere reverse that is against the skin is beautifully soft and makes sure that it doesn't slide off. Size 60 x 180cms. Colour: Pale Mint. This shawl is available in a variety of colours.

For an everyday indulgence 100% Cashmere is a joy to wear....
100% Pashmina Cashmere Diamond weave Shawl : Pale Spearmint or Forest Green  70 x 180cms


100% Pashmina Cashmere Shawl Zig Zag weave: Hunky Dory in Emerald 70 x 200cms


Or go for a hint of green with pure silk in your holiday wardrobe. It is super-light to pack and shouts summer!!

100% Silk Chiffon Shaded Shawl 125 x 200cms Pale Aqua to Sky Blue


100% Silk Chiffon with Silk Border 70 x 180cms : Flame Pink/Aqua

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Green Days! Pashmina Shawls For Green Goddesses!

Green is a colour that gets a lot of bad press. But if you don't feel strongly that it's an unlucky shade, it's infinite varieties are a pleasure to wear. Yes, it's more difficult than blue - greens are just a bit more spikey and are unwilling to suit everyone with every shade - but when you find the green that works with your skin tone, it will look absolutely stunning, rather than safe.

Firstly here are the plain Pashmina Cashmere & Silk choices in stock at the moment.

Scarf 30 x 150cms Grass Green

and Stole 45 x 180cms Forest Fern

Available in the Shawl or Large Scarf size 70 x 180cms : Emerald and Moss
or with a short fringe Grass Green

Lime also has the short fringe and is the 70 x 180cms size
and in shades of the ocean: Seagreen, Aqua and Pale Aqua 70 x 180cms
In the Large Shawl size 90 x 200cms we have Emerald;  Pistachio is a soft green; Kiwi has a vibrant yellow base and Peacock with is a rich jade green with a hint of blue.

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