Friday, 11 January 2013

Winter Pashmina sale! Grab a summer shawl now!

I'm featuring one of our winter sale items that is new to Pashminas Direct. Previously exclusive to our luxury sister site, these Pashmina Cashmere and Kattan Silk lightweight shawls  have been available at the RRP of £230.
As only one of each colour of these beautiful hand embroidered shawls is now in stock, we're able to offer them at a final clearance price of £75.00! A designer shawl at a cheeky price! Available in Turquoise, Rose Pink, Palest Peach or Grass Green.

The lightweight weave is a useful weight of shawl for the summer. It wards off the sun and also the cashmere content (70% pashmina cashmere/30% silk as usual) gives a little warmth to counteract air-conditioning. The summer weight is exactly the same proportion of cashmere to silk as in our regular shawls and scarves, however the fibres are spun to be finer.

In this case the Kattan Silk gives a slightly different texture to normal summer weight blends. It adds a little solidity to the weave so that it holds a firmer shape rather than draping like water. In effect it stands a little proud, like all good occasion wear stoles do!

Turquoise & Rose Pink

Palest Peach & Grass Green

You can also pick up a Cream shawl in this style at this special price, although the Cream colour is not currently on offer on Mayfair Valley and is at full RRP. This is because this shawl has one small fault in the weave.