Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring break in Nepal


After a busy few months, we finally have time to sit back, breathe and prepare for the next Autumn-Winter season.

While I hold the fort here, Helen is heading back to Nepal to discuss new styles and see all our Nepalese family.

We are so lucky to have worked with some of our suppliers for over ten years; learning about their craft and in many cases seeing their children grow up, go to university and return to Kathmandu to work in the family businesses. These relationships are hugely important when your suppliers are so many hours away from you. We know the quality that we expect and all our suppliers know this too. And they don't disappoint Helen Aunty!

In an age where salesmen doorstep by email and you might never know who is making your goods, we know that we can rely on our family of suppliers. A big thank you to them. We know you always do your utmost to help us!