Friday, 24 September 2010

In the Navy!

We're going navy crazy with a beautiful addition to our most popular evening shawl. A classic dark navy with a bugle bead fringe that sparkles with petrol tones.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Autumn/Winter 2010 Pashminas Tartans

It's always an exciting time for us, getting the designs that have been floating around since the spring shows on sale.

This season is all about tartans and animal prints. We've got some stunning new tartans on the way - the luscious purple Lindsay and the Dress Gordon - a more traditional weave. Watch out for these on

On Special Offer are some gorgeous stripe/check shawls for those of you who don't want a traditional tartan but want to go with the fashion flow. These large shawls are down to £49.50 and are brilliant with jeans. Available in Blue (narrow stripe) Maroon (narrow stripe) and Blue (wide).

For lovers of the Sinclair and Gunn weaves, watch out for a Special on Pashminas Direct. The Shawl and Scarf sizes will have a discount in these lovely tartans. Far right Picture: Sinclair is the red tartan and Gunn is the dark green and navy on the top right of the pile.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Bargain Box Beauties - 100% Wool Shawl

A welcome return to our Bargain Box Beauties section. This is a 100% Wool shawl and so only a visitor to Pashmina Land. It was sent to us as a style sample and has been shown to clients but has never been worn. The intricate embroidery is lovely and the fine herringbone weave provides texture.

However, we can't stress enough that this shawl has no Pashmina cashmere content at all. Nonetheless it's a real bargain!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Divine design from Mayfair Valley Pashmina

Our friends at the luxury site added a lovely new design yesterday that has us swooning.

A lightweight pashmina cashmere and kattan silk mix shawl which has a matt linen look and a gorgeous hand embroidered edge. It's subtle and summery in the Rose, Turquoise, Melon and Grass but sultry in black... and how about a white for a wedding!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

A fairytale in London - Snow White Pashmina

Once upon a time was a girl who loved pashminas but wanted to wear them in a different way... In the night the elves were hard at work and in the morning she woke up to find the cutest pashmina and silk cape with a maribou fur trim...

She proudly took it to a Fairytale Wedding exhibition and used it as part of her display! Now everyone could see that pashminas didn't have to always be shawls.

This is another Special Offer that is a One-Off.

It's got that romantic retro feel and would look super with a vintage wedding gown. Personally I'd wear it over a little evening dress in party season to bewitch the handsome prince. I know that it's still summer but it's never too early for a girl to be prepared!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Peacock Pashminas

We waved goodbye to our stunning Swan Lake Shawl within a few hours of putting it on sale, so now it is time for our peacock trimmed pashmina to strut its stuff. Another exhibition sample, this shawl is also £40 and a unique item.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Your chance to be the Swan...

Taking its place on centre stage on our special offers page is a shawl that was made to attract the eye at exhibitions - the centrepiece from our feathered pashmina collection, the Swan Lake Shawl. Totally over the top, yes. Deliciously camp, yes. But we'll be sorry to see it go! And it looks just fabulous on the black mannequin, so there's a tip girls! A little black dress and this baby, is all you need to be stunning.

More of our feathery friends to follow in Autumn/Winter shades...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pashmina glamour for a fraction of the price

The last couple of months, as we've been setting up for our on-line luxury designs, I've been brutally going through our cupboards. It's brought to light some designs we'd forgotton and want to revisit, and some that have become classics that we no longer need style samples of. These are the hand embroidered and hand beaded pashminas that you usually only see in exclusive boutiques or high end retailers at huge prices. brings luxury pashmina designs into your living room at a competitive retail price. And for smart buyers who keep an eye on the Pashminas Direct Special Offer page, there's the added bonus of picking up a sample of these designs at a third of the price.
Shawls that were languishing on our shelves have been finding homes and are being allowed to be fabulous!

So if you can live with the idea that the shawl you buy has been modelled or has been a photography sample and has picked up a tiny mark on its travels, you can have the glamour of a £300 shawl for the fraction of the price. And who can see a tiny mark or an uneven weave when the shawl is being worn?

Monday, 12 April 2010

Especially For You - Bollywood Glamour!

For Penny:

Our classic Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Shawl 70 x 180 cms in White - Ivory is the whitest of the selection and has the sparkle of the beaded fringe. This is PD061 on the Pashmina & silk page @ £77.65

We have a couple of stunning shawls in our ex-display samples and I will put them to buy on-line in the next few minutes. They will be on the Special Offers Page.

The PDV09exdisplay has a hand embroidered stylised flower motif that is almost a paisley design. Three pear cut Swarovskis add the sparkle and the embroidery carries the lengrh of the shawl. This shawl is currentlyavailable on our luxury site This sample is priced at £60 and has one small grey mark that is not visible when worn.

The Style PDV078exdisplay has a hand embroidered and beaded cutwork flower design around 4 sides of the shawl. This has a small area of scuffing near one edge but it is a stunning shawl that would normally cost at least £275 in a shop. This sample has a clearance price of £75.

A less sparkly alternative is an ex-display shawl featured on our Home Page which is priced at £45 and has flower trellis embroidery at the corners. PDV20exdisplay
I hope that this gives you a few ideas!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Pashmina Luxuries

For some time now we've been developing our site so that you can buy on-line. For top end Pashmina Cashmere designs, check it out. We have gorgeous hand embroidered shawls for evening wear and weddings and some fun suede scarves backed with pashmina for that extra comfort.
More products are being added daily so keep your eyes peeled.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Especially For You - Pink & Ruby Pashminas continued

More for Catrina....

As you were looking at the reversible scarf - here are two in a larger size. Both are shawls (70 x 180cms)

This traditional style reversible will soon be on-line but isn't yet! It has a matt side (Burnt Orange) and a side with a sheen (Ruby) . This is the way that the cashmere & silk are woven. The price is £39.95. The colour differences are quite subtle.

If you fancy a bigger contrast, our sister company Mayfair Valley, has an upgraded version of the reversible. This is the same style as the scarves you were looking at. It's double woven to produce a sheen on both sides of the pashmina. This means it uses twice the cashmere and so comes in at £69.95. This is still a lot less than the retail price which would be at least double. The shawl is Black with a ruby reverse and might be perfect to give a hint of drama to your black dress without being over the top.
Other options.... On our clearance page there is a herringbone shawl at £20.00. There is one bordeaux shawl left. The herringbone weave gives a glimmer that livens up the shawl.
Or... We can have a Plain Stole (the small shawl size 45 x 180cms) made into a Swarovski Starlight for you. We currently have these colours in stock : Fuchsia Pink, Candy Pink, Shocking Pink and Ruby Red. If you decide to have this made into Starlight stole it will take two-three days. The price for a one-off in this size is £49.50
You can see this style in pinks in the small scarf size on our Home Page.
I hope that this helps!

Especially for you - Ruby and Pink Pashminas

For Catrina

A Pashmina & Silk Shawl (70 x 180 cms) with a scallop border edged in silk and a silk bow in each corner. This is a special clearance price of £59.95. We have one Ruby Red left. The silk border gives a shimmer and so this one is the most suitable for evening wear .

100% Shaded Shawl - this is currently in our special offers section - but here's a picture of Strawberry to paler (£39.95)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Especially For You - Seagreen pashmina

For Monte,

At the top is our new colour Seagreen - featured as a swarovski crystal scarf. This is a bit of a preview as this swarovski scarf is from our spring collection!

From top to bottom: Seagreen, Elderflower, Cafe au Lait and Ivory