Monday, 29 June 2009

New Pashmina Colours! Yummy Elderflower!

As a new feature of the blog, I am going to showcase any new colours that come into stock and some of those unusual colours that appear on the drop down list. We often have pashminas available in one off colours on the website and this is their chance to shine.

Today is a wonderful summer colour - Yellow Elderfower. This is new in stock and we got the shade dyed especially when the Boss recently visied Kathmandu. It's currently only available in the pashmina & silk scarf size.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Giving a Raspberry - Part Two

Is my long search for a gorgeous raspberry pink for our pashminas finally at an end? When the Boss went to Nepal she took a sample of the colour we were looking for, and got it dyed to match. This is the result.

A truly scrumptious Pashmina Starlight Shawl (with Swarovski Crystals) in Pink - Raspberry
Perfect for Wimbledon fortnight!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pashminas pashminas everywhere...

The boss is back from Nepal and now the real work begins.

Of course, nothing much changes for me; but she has to get used to life back as it was.
No more daily massages or dining with handsome young Nepali Bollywood movie stars.
( I hasten to add that the massages and the actor weren't linked!)
Instead we have been deluged with the post-visit shipments, bearing back all sorts of pashmina goodies to paw over and try and work out which styles are going on our wish list.

There are some dreamy bridal shawls and scrumptious new lines in 100% pashmina knits.
Anyone who has been on the Pashminas Direct site will wonder if I've gone mad, because we don't have a specific bridal or knitwear section. I'm talking about the pieces which we tend to supply to boutiques and stores, rather than on-line. But keep your ear to the ground - these items are seriously luxurious and will be available soon on our sister site....

Friday, 5 June 2009

Bargain Box Beauties - Part One!

I've been ferreting through our bargain box this afternoon and have found this beautiful chiffon beaded shawl at £15.00.

This shawl isn't available on the web site so if you want a chance to own it, drop me an email through the following link and quote: BLOG BADLAWORK

As ever with the Bargain Box this is first come first served - it's the only one available!