Friday, 30 July 2010

Divine design from Mayfair Valley Pashmina

Our friends at the luxury site added a lovely new design yesterday that has us swooning.

A lightweight pashmina cashmere and kattan silk mix shawl which has a matt linen look and a gorgeous hand embroidered edge. It's subtle and summery in the Rose, Turquoise, Melon and Grass but sultry in black... and how about a white for a wedding!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

A fairytale in London - Snow White Pashmina

Once upon a time was a girl who loved pashminas but wanted to wear them in a different way... In the night the elves were hard at work and in the morning she woke up to find the cutest pashmina and silk cape with a maribou fur trim...

She proudly took it to a Fairytale Wedding exhibition and used it as part of her display! Now everyone could see that pashminas didn't have to always be shawls.

This is another Special Offer that is a One-Off.

It's got that romantic retro feel and would look super with a vintage wedding gown. Personally I'd wear it over a little evening dress in party season to bewitch the handsome prince. I know that it's still summer but it's never too early for a girl to be prepared!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Peacock Pashminas

We waved goodbye to our stunning Swan Lake Shawl within a few hours of putting it on sale, so now it is time for our peacock trimmed pashmina to strut its stuff. Another exhibition sample, this shawl is also £40 and a unique item.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Your chance to be the Swan...

Taking its place on centre stage on our special offers page is a shawl that was made to attract the eye at exhibitions - the centrepiece from our feathered pashmina collection, the Swan Lake Shawl. Totally over the top, yes. Deliciously camp, yes. But we'll be sorry to see it go! And it looks just fabulous on the black mannequin, so there's a tip girls! A little black dress and this baby, is all you need to be stunning.

More of our feathery friends to follow in Autumn/Winter shades...