Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Brown (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Now for our stand-out browns...

Top Left to Right: Russet 196 is a darker shade with a strong pink base. It could almost be classed a s a dark dusky pink. Tan 110 is a dark camel shade that tones with browns and creams. Bottom: Nut Brown 112 is a redder brown that works with creams, dark browns, caramels and some greens . All these are autumn colours.

Grey (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Slate Grey 33 is a blue based mid grey colour that is not as dark as the Pewter grey in our classic colour range. Mid Grey 32 is also blue based and is a shade paler - a very grey, grey.

Green (2) - Pashmina colour swatch

Emerald 12 is a perennial favourite among green lovers. Loden and sage are neutral greens for those times when you don't want a statement scarf. leden fits with taupes and browns and sage has a blue-grey caste. Top Left to Right: Loden 168, Sage 170 Bottom: Emerald 12.

Green (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Love 'em or hate 'em - here are the greens. Left to Right: Pale Aqua 101 , Dark Aqua 94. Much as I love the Pale Aqua it does not suit my olive skin tone and is far better suited to my 'English Rose' friends. Lucky for me, Dark Aqua looks great!

Please note: these colours are meant as a guide. All monitors show colour differently.

Orange (3) - Pashmina colour swatch

Left to Right: Nectarine 81 is another true orange, this time in the paler spectrum and is suited to lighter hair shades. Sunburst 84, by contrast, is an autumn colour and is ideal for darler colourings.

Orange (2) - Pashmina colour swatch

Left to Right: Part two and we have another hot one. Strictly speaking Chilli 131 could be classed in the Red section. It is a firecracker orange-based red and a great colour for blonde-blondes and brunettes with red undertones.

Orange (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Left to right: The first of our bright oranges is... Bright Orange 62D. This is pure unadulterated orangeness! Melon 80 is a pretty summer shade that warms the skin tone.

Yellow (5) - Pashmina colour swatch

Left to Right: Buttercup 60 is a glorious shade of golden yellow. Not for shrinking violets! And Primrose 1LL is a pale acid yellow with a hint of pale green.

Yellow (4) - Pashmina colour swatch

Related but oh-so different are Left to Right: Caramel 197 and Saffron 199. The caramel is a more relaxed version of saffron, but both have orange tones. that are perfect for lovers of the autumn colour pallette.

Please note these are vivid shades and this might not come across on screen - all monitors show colour differently. These colours are meant as a guide only.

Yellow (3) - Pashmina colour swatch

Helen's Gold (named after the Boss!) is a classic gold without any brashness.

Despite having an extensive array of colours to choose from on the dye chart, we never were truly satisfied that any of the gold shades were quite right. Whenever this happens (and Raspberry Pink is a prime example), the only way forward is to keep our eyes peeled and gather anything that fits the bill. This can literally be anything - even a bit of packaging. Finally something came into the office that was the right shade and Helen took it with her on her next trip to Nepal. The dye masters dyed a pashmina to match and Helen's Gold was created!

Yellow (2) - Pashmina colour swatch

Another gentle shade is Butterscotch 136. On our colour chart, this shade is grouped with oatmeal, fawn and camel. It has a hint of apricot in it. And talking of apricot... we have a shaded Apricot 55 to Cream 55LL. The darkest point of this colour combination is lighter than the butterscotch 136.

As you might be able to guess from the coding, Cream 55LL is two shades lighter than Apricot 55 - in fact that is what the 'LL' stands for.

Yellow (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Many people are scared of yellows and it is true that very few people can wear any shade. I hope that this colour swatch gives you a guide to the tones of yellow available.

Left to right: Soft Yellow 55L, Old Gold 162

Soft Yellow is borderline cream - a very gentle shade. Old Gold fits with shades of caramel and mid brown.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mauve (3) - Pashmina colour swatch

Violet 31D is a simply stunning shade that lies between Amethyst and Royal Purple. As we order these shades more often, Violet is only occasionally available.

Mauve (2) - Pashmina colour swatch

And more of our mauve shades.

Top left: Mauve - Mauve 29 is a mid mauve shade.

Top right: Smokey Mauve 247 is a darker tone.

Bottom: Lilac 28 is a pale pink - as opposed to the blue-based Lavender in the classic colour range.

Mauve (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Left: Amethyst 42 is a deep pinky purple.

Right: Helen's Royal Purple is a darker purple with a hint of blue

Please remember: all monitors show colour differently. These pictures are a guide only.

Beige (3) - Pashmina colours

Beige - Beige 252 is a grey-based shade that tones with taupes, blacks and pale colours. It also has a hint of pink and can work effectively with stronger colours such as royal purple.

Beige (2) - Pashmina colours

Camel 109 - a warm tone that is easy to wear.

Beige (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Onwards and upwards with the neutral colour palette; less vibrant than our reds and pinks but still with variations that excite the passions of the faithful. Whether you are looking for a neutral tone to suit blonde or brunette, here are some options aside from our classic Café au Lait.

Both these colours have pink tones in the beige and would suit blondes or those without an olive skin tone. Top: Pale Beige 133 is a champagne that tones well with other beige and brown shades. Bottom: Fawn 249 is a strong nude beige.

Red (3) - Pashmina colour swatch

A colour that I'm hoping to order for Autumn 2011 is Burgundy 27. A truly scrumptious berry red - with a hint of pink in its dark, rich depths.