Friday, 26 June 2015

Chocolate and Caramel Pashminas - The S15 Brown Accessory Revolution!

As is probably true of many of us, chocolate is quite often in my thoughts. At this time of year, I'm more likely to be concerned about which limited edition Magnum my local supermarket is stocking than the suitability of chocolate tones in the accessory palette. I mean... it's an autumn colour isn't it?
But this year chocolate has been creeping out of the freezer cabinet and into our high street window displays. Browns? IN SUMMER! Really?

Bitter Chocolate Shawl with Crystal Beads - Starlight   Perfect with a white or cream occasion dress, or go wild and team with pastels.

It's a departure from the norm. This summer season brown is the new navy; just when we've got used to considering navy as the new black. Perhaps we can put this chocolate revolution down to the seventies theme of spring/summer 15. Browns do seem a seventies shade... But as this trend looks set to continue into our autumn/winter wardrobes, we'd better look beyond visions of old sitcom's set dressing, and embrace what a versatile base colour brown can be.

Great to tone with whites and creams, you can claim virtually any shade through honey, fawn, sand and cafĂ© au lait as a type of brown. All these form a neutral and warm palette that suits the tawny haired 'bronde',  through to bona fide brunette and black; giving a laid-back opulent summer look. Accessorise with gold sandals and  jewellery and you're ready for a croissant in Cannes.

Sand Beaded fringe Shawl
Perfect with tonal cream, crisp white and gold

Paler blondes and red heads can go for the more dramatic contrast of milk or bitter chocolate without straying into autumn territory. Think how spectacular Julia Roberts looked in that milk chocolate and cream dress in Pretty Woman! Use as a base note with creams, mink browns or golds and stun with an elegant summer style.

If you're wedded to a Turkish delight summer palette but want a sophisticated edge, try teaming a dark brown with those summer pastels that pack a punch - sky blue, pistachio and mid pink. It's a strong summery vibe that works for all skin and hair types. For a more subdued effect, use a chocolate milkshake brown with their more delicate pastel cousins. These are shades that look delicious together: centuries of chocolatiers and Neapolitan ice cream makers can't be wrong!

Plain Large Shawls: Pistachio, Candy Pink, Sky Blue and Bitter Chocolate


Give some roar to your neutral summer linens with brown and caramel print accessories.  Classic animal prints break up white or cream with a freshness and vibrancy that is totally different to the effect you will get with winter blacks and you get two seasons for the price of one.

Perfect with white skinny jeans and chiffon tunic top

Whether it's a shawl, shoes, hat or handbag, maybe it's time to let browns and caramels break free of their autumnal shackles and have their time in the sun!