Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Green Days! Pashmina Shawls For Green Goddesses!

Green is a colour that gets a lot of bad press. But if you don't feel strongly that it's an unlucky shade, it's infinite varieties are a pleasure to wear. Yes, it's more difficult than blue - greens are just a bit more spikey and are unwilling to suit everyone with every shade - but when you find the green that works with your skin tone, it will look absolutely stunning, rather than safe.

Firstly here are the plain Pashmina Cashmere & Silk choices in stock at the moment.

Scarf 30 x 150cms Grass Green

and Stole 45 x 180cms Forest Fern

Available in the Shawl or Large Scarf size 70 x 180cms : Emerald and Moss
or with a short fringe Grass Green

Lime also has the short fringe and is the 70 x 180cms size
and in shades of the ocean: Seagreen, Aqua and Pale Aqua 70 x 180cms
In the Large Shawl size 90 x 200cms we have Emerald;  Pistachio is a soft green; Kiwi has a vibrant yellow base and Peacock with is a rich jade green with a hint of blue.

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