Friday, 1 May 2009

How to wear a large silk chiffon shawl

One of our best summer sellers is the super large shaded silk chiffon shawl. Of course this can be worn in all the regular shawl ways and crunches down small to become a long floaty scarf, (beware in open top cars!) but I've recently been asked by several customers how to wear it as a dress/ sarong.

How to wear... as a skirt

1. It's certainly light enough to knot at the side of the hip - single layer for a long skirt or folded in half for the more daring.

Hold the long length round your hips and then...

Either a. Tie the full length of material to make the knot. This tends to make a snug fit round the hips that can be quite restrictive.
Or b. At the point where the chiffon meets over one hip, grab a handful from each side and make the knot with this. The excess from the ends falls in a pretty waterfall way.

How to wear as a dress (for over a bikini or swimsuit)

Here are a couple of ideas.
1. The long length should be round your ribcage with the two sides under either arm. Twist the chiffon at the top two corners, cross the fabric over your chest and knot the two ends behind your neck for a halterneck.
2. Or go asymmetrical and let the material pass under only one arm and knot over the opposite shoulder.

Go on experiment - it's a really versatile shawl/skirt/dress!

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