Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Check you out! Pashmina Shawls and Scarves with check appeal Part 2

For Part 2 of our look at checks we're stepping away from tartan and taking a look at the alternatives.
Houndstooth is always a weave that designers return to and is a good buy for a scarf to carry through a few seasons.

I've had a Black and White small houndstooth scarf for several years and it comes out of the drawer every autumn. It's just one of those reliable choices that can look smart or fun depending on your outfit, brightens the face in darker mornings and goes with every coat.  This scarf is available with Small or Large Check. (The large check is about the size of a 50p piece.)

70% Pashmina Cashmere and 30% Silk Black and White Houndstooth Scarf (PD010)
Price: £19.95
Size: 30 x 150cms (12 x 60 inches)

The Houndstooth check also comes in various other sizes and with a beaded fringe, in the scarf size.

70% Pashmina Cashmere and 30% Silk Large Check Black and White Houndstooth Scarf with beaded fringe (PD011)
Price: £24.95
Size: 30 x 150cms (12 x 60 inches)

And in Shawl size (70 x 180cms) Small Check Navy/Tan or Large Check Brown/Black
Price £49.50

Or Large Shawl (90 x 200cms) Large Check Red/Black
Price £64.50

At the more pricey end, two 100% Pashmina Cashmere scarves that are nominally for men but really lovely for women are featured on the Men's page of

The Herringbone scarf is woven in a herringbone weave which gives it a basic stripe lengthwise along the scarf. A check is then introduced using muted golds and navy, and produces an interesting design with the most luxurious feel.

                     100% Pashmina Cashmere Herringbone Scarf - Large Check (MV212M)
Price: £125.00
Size: 45 x 180cms (18 x 72 inches)
Colour: Navy and Gold

The small check scarf is a complicated weave, blending olive green and black. It is formed of small houndstooth checks that are woven to form larger checks. Once again the clever weave and interplay of colours combines to produce a beautiful effect. One side is dominated by the black yarn check and is muted, while the other has a larger proportion of olive green and is brighter and has a more striped look.

100% Pashmina Cashmere Long Scarf - Small Check (MV209)

Price: £125.00
Size: 45 x 180cms (18 x 72 inches)
Colour: Green and Black

There are plenty of other choices in a wide range of prices throughout both sites. If you've never tried a Check weave, give it a go. You'll become hooked!

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