Friday, 9 November 2012

Pashmina Cashmere & Silk Stole November colour numbers

Third in the list of plain pashminas to be updated are our current Pashmina Cashmere and Silk Stole (45 x 180cms) colours.

A few changes to these colours as it's been our most popular early autumn size.

All our stoles are hand-dyed, in small quantities and vary from batch to batch. However, these colour numbers are the closet matches to the actual stoles currently in stock. We will re-blog in a couple of months to keep the information updated, as stock changes.

Please take a note of the colour numbers and match to our colour chart which will be re-blogged in November. It can also be found as the only entry in July.


Brown - Bitter Chocolate 232

Green - Aqua, Pale 101
Green - Pistachio 14

Grey - Pewter 34
Grey - Silver Birch 32LL

Mauve - Lavender 123
Mauve - Lilac 28L
Mauve - Royal Purple 42D

Pink - Pale 18LL
Pink - Penny Bubblegum 218
Pink - Rose 215
Pink - Raspberry 194

Red - Bordeaux 26
Red - Bright 25

Yellow - Primrose 1L

And the colours on the Special Offers page PDV02

Orange - Nectarine 81
Pink - Candy 20
Yellow - Old Gold 162

and on the Men's Page PD002M with a short fringe

Blue - Navy 70D
Yellow - Gold 162

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