Monday, 18 April 2011

Pink (1) - Pashmina colour swatch

Pink is one of the perenially popular pashmina colours and there is a shade for every mood. Our classic shades cover the pink spectrum: Fuchsia, Raspberry, Candy and Pale Pink. But then there are the in-between shades...

Rose Pink sits between Pale and Candy. It is a pink with blue tones but without the brashness of candy.

Coral has more orange tones. Both reflect a warm glow onto the face and are more forgiving than either the pale pink shades, which can be draining, or the candy and fuchsia shades that can be too bold.

Left to right: Coral Pink 293 and Rose Pink 215

Note: These photos are only a guide. We have a no quibble returns policy if the colour isn't right when you get it home.

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