Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bargain Box Beauties - 100% Treat!

As the weather has become so unsettled, it's time to haul out some shawls.

It's always a treat to wear 100% Pashmina - nothing else compares - and once you've tried it once, it's difficult to go back. But the 100% price tag can put off the most ardent pashmina lover.

Featured in our Bargain Box Beauties section today is a 100% Large Shawl shaded Turquoise to paler. It has some faults in the weave and a paler dye mark but nothing that shows when wearing and it's a fantastic way to pick up a 100% at less than the price of a regular Pashmina & Silk in this size.

In the office bargain box at only £40.00, this shawl usually sells on our website at £112.05 (and in fact a pristine version is currently available at that price...) Drop me an email on our Contacts page and quote 100%BLOG. There's only one, but get in touch and you might grab a bargain! www.pashminasdirect.co.uk

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